Run well with us.


We combine close attention to biomechanics, individualized and evidenced-backed coaching methods and robust data to help you improve all elements of your running.

We work closely with all types of runners to help them improve and find more fun.

We are The Run Club.


Biomechanics Assessments

Running Coaching


Get expert, personalized instruction online, at your convenience, from our team of experienced coaches—to help you run injury-free and achieve your full potential.

We combine biomechanics, individualized plans and data to help you run well.

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Learn how to raise your performance and enjoyment level with our Performance Running Biomechanics Assessments. We work with running specialist Advocate Aurora Health sports medicine physical therapists to fully evaluate your form, technique and biomechanics and help you run well.

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I’m an over-strider. Once I understood that adjusting my cadence will automatically adjust my stride, and that I can adjust my cadence with a running metronome, it was a breakthrough for me.
— Jeff C., Inspired Customer


A Better Way to Run

The Run Club represents a better way to improve your running performance. We take a data-driven approach, evaluating your gait, cadence, stride length, foot strike, and more, with the goal of helping you develop a personalized running plan. We put athletes first, focusing on the joy you get from staying physically fit, mentally strong, and emotionally healthy. And it’s all backed by the strength of Aurora Sports Health, one of the most trusted names in sports medicine.