What’s Included:


One-on-One Coaching | Online

While training with TRC, you’ll be matched with a personal running coach. You’ll work together via video or voice call, and online messaging to understand your running background as well as training and/or race goals. Through the award winning training platform, Final Surge, you and your personal running coach can access everything you need to keep in touch, discuss plan adjustments and more, from the comfort of home, or wherever you may be.

Individualized training Plan

Your personal running coach will develop an individualized training plan based on your current fitness, performance stats, time available to train, injury history and goals. From calculating your pace zones to monitoring your heart rate during runs, your training plan is tailor made just for you.



Stability + Core Strengthening Workouts

We’ll provide individual exercises to help you strengthen your core and create more stability in your running form. These exercises are incorporated into your customized training plan and prepare you for stronger, more enjoyable runs and prevent you from getting injured.


Data Driven

Our coaches use a data driven approach for your run training. To do this, you’ll subscribe to the award winning training platform, Final Surge, and sync your training device* to track heart rate, distance and time. Your coach then analyzes the data to review your performance and work with you to adjust your training as needed.

*Training devices that are compatible with Final Surge include Garmin, Polar and Under Armor devices, plus Apple Watches and other smart devices.


Race Preparation

Training for a 10K? Half Marathon? Marathon? Longer? Your personal running coach prepares you for race day. Together, you’ll develop a race day strategy that looks at your pacing approach, plus strategies to address the nutritional and mental components of your run, all to help you reach your race goal.


Pain & Injury Monitoring

Our team is backed by highly-skilled certified Running Specialists from Aurora Sports Health who work closely with you and your running coach. If you’re feeling any sort of running pain, no matter how big or small, rest assured your running coach will work closely with our Running Specialists to assess the problem and look at the best approach for recovery.

Have a pain point you want checked? Schedule a complimentary Online Injury Evaluation.


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