Did you know…

that running with the proper form and technique helps you run faster, be more efficient, reduce the risk of injury and can raise your performance level? Knowing how to adapt a running form that’s right for you while building strength and stability can move your training and running routine forward. 

Our certified Running Specialists from Aurora Sports Health bring years of experience and the latest biomechanic insights science has to offer to help you unlock more of your running potential. 

Make use of our Online Video Running Form Assessment and get the results conveniently in your inbox. Simply send a 10-15 second video of yourself running from a side view and rear view.

Our Video Running Form Assessment covers the following eight success metrics:

  1. Running posture

  2. Footstrike at initial ontact

  3. Knee flexion (bending) angle at initial contact

  4. Hip drop in midstance

  5. Knee flexion position at midstance

  6. Arm swing

  7. Hip Extension at termina stance

  8. Swing phase

Your assessment describes the ideal form per metric and how you perform at each of the eight metrics. If our Running Specialists identify opportunities for improvement, they’ll make recommendations and provide instructions of what to work on.

Want to know if your form is improving? Send in a second video after about eight weeks and you’ll receive a follow-up assessment at no additional charge.

Running Form Assessment

Video Running Form Assessment

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