What makes us different?

We work with PASSIONATE running experts

Being a TRC athlete means being supported by world class running specialists. Our Coaches, Licensed Athletic Trainer Running Specialists and Performance Engineers have watched people move and run for years and know what it takes to reach your goals. They work collaboratively with each other to improve your performance, make you stronger and therefore prevent you from injuries.

We are focused on injury free running

If you’ve suffered from an injury before, we’ll help you get back on track. You’ll benefit from working closely with our Running Specialists from Aurora Sports Health who will consult with you and your coach to incorporate special exercises to your training plan.

We know the data

Our approach to training is data driven which means we will train you based on your personal statistics and we can even predict your performance level over time. That’s why we can not only tell you how effectively you performed in the past, but also how you will in the future, too.

We care about you

At TRC we truly care about you and your unique goals. We’re there every step of the way to motivate you and get you to where you want to be. You’ll talk to real people who will address your questions and concerns, and celebrate your progress and achievements!

I really like TRC, I feel like the coaching team really cares about helping me improve and reach my goals!
— Jeff B.
Personal Online Coaching

Personal Online Coaching

Get access to our Running Experts and guidance to reach your meaningful running goals.

Running Form Assessment

Video Running Form Assessment

Prevent injuries by improving your form. Let our certified Running Specialists check your biomechanics.

Online Injury Evaluation

Online Injury Evaluation

Stop worrying about that running pain or niggle and get clarity from one of our certified Running Specialists.